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Published on April 17th, 2017 | by Michael Elliott


Syria: Truth and Reconciliation in a Haystack

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The “Peace candidate” and “let’s stay out of wars in the middle east” rhetoric all but disappeared.

Let’s keep this very simple.

The Assad government is the only entity providing stability in Syria- what does the world suppose will happen when the government is removed?

I’m unsure of the world’s answer but I’ll give you mine:


The U.S. has already taken military action in several nations with no Congressional approval- why are we so willing to tear our constitution to pieces, turn nations to ruins and displace people, all over the world?

Chaos Example: Libya was the most recent military action taken, in which a U.S. President took military action with no Congressional approval. Libya went from one of the most prosperous African nations to a hot bed for terrorist cells.

Terrorist cells– the exact thing the U.S. government claims it so badly wants to combat.

Syria is not Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya, in the respect that Russia has pledged support for Syria’s government. In other words, military attacks on Syria will be viewed as attacks on Russia.

I have read reports (link at the end of this article) that the Russian and Iranian governments have issued warnings to the U.S. after the recent missile strike.

We as a nation need less cheerleaders and more critical thinkers. We need less followers and more leaders. We can no longer be so foolish and easily persuaded to send our young men and women to their deaths.

War is horrific and with all of our modern distractions America has forgotten this.

It is my hope and the hope of the peoples of all nations, that more war and more death is averted.

The people of the world deserve much better; but we must all truly believe it, so that we may see it.

Article: Russia and Iran warn US they will ‘respond with force’ if red lines crossed in Syria again https://goo.gl/UTYahg

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