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Published on March 8th, 2017 | by Michael Elliott


Making Connections (Have your head up)

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Text from The Michael Elliott Podcast Ep. 1- Making Connections

Each and everyday we are blessed with the opportunity to meet new people.

People come from all different places and all walks of life. It is very easy for us to adopt this mind set of, “everyone where I am is just like me or similar.” When in fact the opposite is usually true.

Each of us has a wholly unique story and intricacies which are only apparent when we take time to get to know another person.

Now, I understand you do not always have time to have a twenty-minute conversation with every person you meet, every day BUT…

Make time for:

  • More hellos
  • More smiles
  • More waves
  • Opening more doors
  • More thank yous

You see, a major impediment to people talking/connecting/socializing are the two negatives.

What I mean is, so much of the time, when people are at the mall or at a party or even when they are at networking events, they take a negative mind set. And when two people are in that mindset they will never make a connection. It just won’t happen.

It is up to you to take the positive approach- that alone will open so many doors for you.

Remember, people are social- BE THAT. Don’t let the modern world fool you into believing you have to be shut up in a dark room somewhere with only your phone and computer!

Be open to the possibilities of meeting great people, after all, your expectations will be your reality.

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