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About Michael….

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When I was growing up I vividly remember wanting to be “someone.” I wanted to be famous and have lots of money and lots of things and that was my motivation. After high school I worked extremely hard for a few years and at 21 started my first business. I had employees, my own office and made a great living but after about year I realized it just wasn’t what I wanted.

I spent the next few years wandering both spiritually and mentally; I was seeking answers reading books, contemplating, writing any and everything necessary to understand the world and myself better.

One thing I realized at a very young age (8 or 9 years old) by observing and listening to my parents was our world systems are not meant to work for the majority of people, they are meant to keep us ground in the physical, in the material. When we play by these games we are destined to lose. The hunger for money, fame and material items is not who we are but who we are made to believe we are. When we rise about these “personalities” we can then see our true potential, humanity’s true potential. We are made of more and destined for more.

Now I spend a great deal of my time writing and speaking on ways to help individuals change their lives for the better and the world along with them.

About this Blog….

This blog is designed to spark the conversation and action towards a better world and reality for all. Right now in one form or another we are involved in old systems and paradigms that do not work, from food to religion to government, etc. The time for profound change on a global level has come. There are ways that everyone can live on this planet peacefully and as one humanity. With knowledge and right action we can begin to work towards a brighter reality for all.

It is my hope that you enjoy the blog and get engaged via comments, social media, seminars etc.

To a Better World,

Michael Elliott

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