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Published on April 25th, 2017 | by Michael Elliott


6 Lessons the internet has taught us

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I thought about writing a big opener here…let’s just jump into the six.

I. The world has gotten much smaller

It is easier and faster now, more than ever, to travel from New York to Auckland or from anywhere to anywhere else for that matter.

Businesses large and small now have the means to conduct “face to face” meetings at anytime from any place in the world. Companies have the opportunity to hire anyone and allow their hires to work from anywhere. Never in our recorded history has this been possible.

With this enhanced interconnectedness, we have been presented with the enormous opportunity to come together and not move further apart.

I hope we are up to the task.

II. Wow, there are a lot of talented people

The “middle men” have been moved to the sidelines.

We can now take our talents directly to those who have an interest in them.
The music industry, publishing, television, radio, finance and more all have been turned upside down.

People all over the world now have the tools to showcase their talents and knowledge and can successfully build a fan base and create their own jobs.

III. Knowledge is great, wisdom is better

We now have access to more information now than ever, life should be consistently getting better for more and more people.

Knowledge is what we know.

Wisdom is applying what we know.

We have to start applying.

IV. Our higher learning system is obsolete

Cost: The federal government guarantees student loans… which is why you are seeing the tuition prices increase each and every year. With all that money universities are improving and adding to the frills of college (recreation centers, sports programs, etc) but not the quality of education or how it is delivered.

Leadership: The workplace is dramatically changing, one of the startling trends I see from colleges and universities is their insistence on churning out more followers.

Take a look at the world in 2017- we need more leaders. We need new ideas, fresh approaches and adaptable strategies for all facets of life and society.

Our universities are training our future generations what to think, we must teach them how to think.

Money: They is zero concerted effort to teach all students how money works, where is comes from and it’s true impact on the economy and the individual, not to mention how students can successfully manage their personal economy and finances.

We need our students to know the meaning and more importantly to understand the implications of fiscal policy on our nation and our people.

Our students must understand how to budget and plan, they need to see new perspectives on 401ks, stock market investing and insurance.

The more information and knowledge we give them, the greater opportunity we are giving them and the world to improve.

It seems this type of learning is what the internet is for.


Creativity: Human beings are creative and each and everyone needs to express that part of themselves.

Our instituitions need to foster this way of life and thinking, not stifle it.

I’ll say what we are all thinking, this generation and future generations are not/will not be mentally and creatively satisfied with the usual 9–5 job. We are all ready seeing this.

We are at the beginning of a major shift in the way we view work and our livelihoods.

Our higher learning institutions are not willing to address this, so we must.

V. We need to connect, truly

Now more than ever it is important than we connect with those around us: friends and family.

It is just too easy to get lost in our isolated life styles.

Get on a plane and visit your grandmother. The ticket is expensive? Make it happen. Connect.

Drive 3 hours to visit your best friend from high school. So what if it’s inconvenient or next month would be better. Connect.

Value your time spent more than your money spent. Let’s not be so fearful of spending our money, be grateful when you have the opportunity to spend it on experiences with those closest to you.

XI. We have so much more to learn

Let’s get to it.

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